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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Post Operative Instructions

Listed below is some information and instructions that will assist you in the recovery period after your knee surgery.

  1. Your drains will be removed and the bandages changed before leaving hospital.

  2. A Tubi-grip bandage will be applied over the waterproof dressing.

  3. It’s preferable to leave the waterproof dressing, which is underneath the tubi-grip, intact until your post-operative review. Please note that some bruising around the knee and at the back of the knee (hamstring area) is normal after surgery. You may shower, but should not swim or have a bath until stitches are removed and wounds are fully healed.

  4. You may fully weight bear on the operated leg as pain allows, unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. This is encouraged and will not damage the graft. Crutches may be discarded when you can walk comfortably and confidently unaided or as advised by your physiotherapist.

  5. Keep the leg elevated to reduce swelling as much as possible.

  6. Apply an ice pack to the front and back of the knee joint to help swelling. This can be applied for 20 minutes every 2 hours during waking hours as tolerated. The more you can reduce the swelling, the quicker your recovery will be.

  7. Post-operative exercises usually commence the day following surgery as per the attached sheet.

  8. Formal physiotherapy will begin after your first post-operative visit; usually at one week.


  • You have a temperature of over 38.5 degrees.
  • You start to feel increasingly unwell.
  • The wound and surrounding area becomes red.


Please contact the hospital where you had your surgery, see your GP or go to the closest accident and emergency department at your closest hospital.


02 9735 3637
02 9735 3635

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