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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Guide for Care

Listed below is some information and instructions that will assist you in the recovery period after your knee surgery.


You should have Tubigrip on with 2 or 3 small dressings under it. You usually have NO stitches. The wound is held together with paper tape called “steri-strips”. If you still have a crepe bandage and velband on your knee please remove and discard them the day after your surgery. Leave the small dressing on. If the dressings start to come off please replace them. If you do not have a replacement dressing please use a normal bandaid.


You may get the dressing wet in the shower. Gently pat the dressing dry after showering. You do not need any special soap or antiseptic. If the dressing or steri-strip comes off after the shower please cover with a bandaid. Please avoid having a bath or going swimming until after your post-operative visit with your surgeon and have made sure the wound is clean and dry.


You will be assessed by the physiotherapist as to whether or not you require crutches. If you do have crutches you can go off your crutches as soon as you feel confident or are instructed to do so by your surgeon.


Please do the post surgery knee exercises as shown here or as instructed by the doctor. Please ice your knee for 15-20 minutes following your exercises. Continue doing the exercises until you see your surgeon for your post-operative appointment. You will not require formal physiotherapy until being assessed by your surgeon at your post-operative appointment.


Apply an ice pack to the front and back of the knee joint to help swelling. This can be applied for 20 minutes every 2 hours during waking hours as tolerated. The more you can reduce the swelling, the quicker your recovery will be.


You may find your knee swells after surgery and/or after doing your exercises. Swelling may also occur as you start doing more of your usual activities. If swelling occurs try to rest and ice your knee. You should elevate your leg so that your heel is higher than your hip.


Expect some pain or discomfort following the surgery. Take the prescribed medication as instructed or as required. Unless you are unable to take them, anti-inflammatories are particularly helpful.


Your check-up is usually 7-14 days after the surgery where the wounds will be inspected.


  • You have a temperature of over 38.5 degrees.
  • You start to feel increasingly unwell.
  • The wound and surrounding area becomes red.


Please contact the hospital where you had your surgery, see your GP or go to the closest accident and emergency department at your closest hospital.


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