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Post Surgery Knee Exercises


After your operation (knee arthroscopy) the following exercises are necessary to assist in your recovery.

Start these exercises the day after surgery.

To Improve Strength

Post Surgery Knee Exercises

Raise leg with your knee straight and hold for 6 seconds.
Repeat: 10 times every 2 hours.

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Push both knees into the bed and hold for 6 seconds.
Repeat: 10 times every 2 hours.

To Improve Knee Movement

Post Surgery Knee Exercises

Place your unaffected leg under your affected leg. Gently lower and then raise.
Repeat: 1-2 sessions per day for 2-3 minutes per session.

To Maintain Calf Circulation

Post Surgery Knee Exercises

To maintain calf circulation, move your foot up and down for 5 minutes every waking hour.
Continue: for 2-3 days or until you are walking comfortably.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with these exercises please contact the clinic for advice.


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