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Physiotherapy is an integral part of treatment and it’s recommended you start as early as possible. Pre-operative physiotherapy is helpful to better prepare the knee for surgery. The early aim is to regain range of motion, reduce swelling and achieve full weightbearing.

After your operation, general post-operative knee exercises are also necessary to assist in your recovery.

The remaining rehabilitation will be supervised by a physiotherapist and will involve activities such as exercise bike riding, swimming, proprioceptive exercises and muscle strengthening. Cycling can begin at 2 months and jogging can generally begin at around 3 months after surgery. The graft is strong enough to allow sport at around 6 months however other factors come into play such as confidence, fitness and adequate training.

Professional sportsmen often return at 6 months but recreational athletes may take 10-12 months depending on motivation and time to put into rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation and overall success of the procedure can be affected by associated injuries to the knee such as damage to meniscus, articular cartilage or other ligaments.

The following is a more detailed rehabilitation protocol useful for patients and physiotherapists. It is a guide only and must be adjusted on an individual basis taking into account pain, pathology, work and other social factors.

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