Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

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It is generally recommended to have surgery if you wish to get back to sports which involve pivoting. Occasionally, knees can be unstable during activities of daily living and if this is the case you should have surgery. It is not absolutely necessary to have this ligament reconstructed. In general, the younger and more active you are then the stronger the recommendation for reconstruction.

We also recommend surgery in people with dangerous occupations, for example policemen, firemen, roof tilers and scaffolders. This is a safety issue, to prevent instability in at risk situations. There is no urgency in performing this operation and in fact, it is sometimes better to allow the knee to settle down and regain a near full range of motion prior to surgery.

Repeated instability or abnormal movement in the knee can cause ongoing damage leading to stretching of other structures around the knee, meniscal tears or arthritis in the long term. If you do not elect to have surgery it is strongly advised that you give up sports which involve pivoting.

With specialised surgeons who perform a lot of these operations, results are very successful (in the order of 95%) and complications rare but still can occur. This is an elective procedure and as the patient you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with surgery.

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